New Rules for Drop-in badminton

Hi guys,

We like to keep things as fair as possible, to ensure everyone has a great time, from a new visitor all the way to people who’ve been playing for over a decade.  Here are our current rules for drop-in play from our president Dave:

To assure everyone gets their fair share of court time, a sign-up board will be posted on the north wall of the gym, next to the curtain partition. Everyone must abide by these rules:

  1. Doubles matches take precedence over singles matches from 7:45PM through closing. EVERYONE must post their match, whether singles or doubles, along with the time from the clock on the wall. There must be TWO names listed per team. NO SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED. However if a player wishes to give up his or her slot for someone else that player will have to put their name at the bottom of the list.

  2. Once all courts have matches on them and there are players waiting, any singles matches have to complete the game currently being played and vacate the court.

  3. When people are waiting, limit warm-up time to no more than THREE MINUTES.

  4. To prevent “HOGGING”, a player’s name can only appear ACTIVELY on the board ONCE. Even when they’re on-court, their name’s still ACTIVELY on the board; BUT once they’ve finished their match, they’re allowed to post their name on the board again. Each match will go on in the order that is listed on the board, on whichever court becomes available. Any foursome choosing NOT to play on the next open court, wishing to play on a specific court, MUST allow the next group(s) on the list to take that/those available court(s) until the desired court is vacated, upon which that court is theirs to play on.

  5. When all courts have matches and there are at least 16 players waiting to play, THERE WILL BE A TWO-GAME LIMIT PLAYED TO ALL COURTS. No exceptions. A notation will be made on the board when the two match limit is being enforced.


  7. If there are players who don’t have a match scheduled or are new players, there will be a section on the board for them to sign up and we will pair them up with another of the players on the board who need a partner/match and will be put into the rotation, based on the time they signed in.

  8. If your match is next on the board, but one or more of the players in your foursome are playing on another court, you have to allow all matches on the list to play ahead, until the player who you were waiting for finishes his/her match and sits through at least one match. You can, however, substitute that player with someone else who hasn’t played or has sat through a few matches.

  9. If people don’t want to play a match but just want to rally around, they must still sign up on the board. Once on a court, and there are people waiting to play, they must limit their time to no more than 15 minutes for on-court rallying.

  10. Although it’s a courtesy that we leave used shuttles on court for others to use for warm-up when it is coming to closing time it would be appreciated that the last foursome pick up and discard the used shuttles in the garbage and not leave them on the ground for the gym staff to pick up, we have a great facility and need to take the time to make sure we do not lose it.

  11. All players please note that we do have some players who do train and play at the club who play in top-level tournaments and, occasionally, special consideration is provided for these players in the use of ONE court for a time frame not longer than that of a typical match.

  12. NO ONE is allowed to erase someone’s name off a grouping without that person’s permission.

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